Saturday, 14 February 2009



Where is your favourite place to hide your car keys before you go on a dive? Behind the fuel cap, on top of a tyre, up the exhaust or down beside the windscreen wipers? I recently went for a dive with my keys in my drysuit pocket, which was a rather costly error on my part.
There is now a solution that could nullify the need for these crafty hiding places.
Kamasa have introduced a padlock and Keysafe 2 in 1 device. It comprised a zinc cast body and a hardened steel shackle that feels very strong and secure. The unit is opened by a 4 wheel combination lock, which is protected by a rubber flap that will keep dust out, I would imagine it will keep the worst of the rain out too. I will keep monitoring how the unit stands up to the elements and keep you posted.
You can choose your own code and this helps when it comes to remembering it.
I tried the unit out and found it easy to use, attaching the padlock to my towing ring on the car. It worked a treat and made a great and much safer alternative than trusting lady luck and a favourite hiding place.
A nice touch I also thought was the rear of the device is covered in a foam pad, which will protect your cars paintwork from this heavy unit.
The only niggle I had was that if you have a few keys on your ring it may need careful packing into the key chamber to fit, although this area is quite large and will accommodate bulky key fob keys.
All in all a good device retailing at around £18 which is a lot cheaper than replacing a flooded key fob.
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Mike Clark

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