Saturday, 8 October 2011

Seascape Images of the Firth of Forth

Its not been possible for me to go diving over the past couple of weeks. Free time has coincided with poor weather conditions. That said the sun was shining this Friday afternoon and i had a couple of free hours. A couple of my friends had told me that i should do more with my photography, especially my Land Photography, which i call my Topside Images. I decided to use my 2 hours and take advantage of the good conditions and capture some nice Topside Images. Here are my results after hitting the beach, initially in the rain! Please do let me know if you like them. I plan to take my friends advice and will shortly be populating my Photobox photo galleries with further work. These galleries can be accessed through my main website  Access through the buy prints tab, dont worry though you are free to look.
I hope you like them.

Mike Clark
Ps. If you would like and of the prints please just e mail me.

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