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Lomo Safety Equipment

Lomo Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is an important part of a diver’s kit. Over the years it has evolved from the biggest, heaviest dive knife to dedicated line cutters and snips. I have been testing 3 different products from LOMO Watersports who once again have produced some very nice equipment at a very reasonable price. So with heart-warming stories of large marine animals  seeking out divers for help to untangle them, here is a rundown of the gear you will need should you need to remove rope from a whale shark or fishing line from a dolphin and of course yourself or your buddy.

Lomo Compact BC Knife

Lomo’s Compact BC knife is great value for money. If comes in Hi Viz Yellow and has a blunt tip to avoid accidental drysuit punctures. Its serrated edge is ideal for cutting ropes but not so deep that it snags on what it’s trying to cut (A problem with many other designs of serrated edge) and its line cutter takes care of fishing lines. 
The holder comes with a belt clip, lanyard, and an attachable clip to secure to a BC hose if required. The lock holds the knife in position securely but also allows for easy removal with even a gloved hand.

Blade Length: 7CM
Overall Length in sheath: 17CM
Colour: Yellow: 
Accessories supplied: - Hose Clip and lanyard.
Material: 304 Marine Stainless Steel

Folding Rescue Knife

Lomo’s folding rescue knife is great value for money. It comes in Hi Viz Yellow or black and has a blunt tip to avoid accidental drysuit punctures. It's serrated edge is ideal for cutting ropes and it folds away neatly within its own handle.
The knife is made from rust resistant stainless steel.  The blade opens and locks in place. The lock has to be depressed to allow the blade to fold away.

Trauma Shears With Pouch

These great shears have amazing cutting abilities and are great for many situations. They are also great for in first aid kits. The shears come in a handy pouch which allows them to be clipped onto your equipment.
Stainless Steel, with a black handle.
Price: £7.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Due to terrible weather and the deadline for publication of the magazine, I havent been able to put these safety devices through their paces yet in the sea. I did test the items on cutting some old cable (NOT LIVE)  I had and the trauma shears and the folding rescue knife made short work of it. The small BC knife found the cable too tough. It’s not a diver test  yet, so find out how I get on when I test the devices out in water on rope and fishing line.
Needless to say all these safety devices from LOMO are extremely good value for divers. And compare very well with named brands.
Well done LOMO.
A further update about these products will appear here.

Mike Clark

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