Sunday, 23 June 2013

St. Abbs First visit of the season.

I Know... The end of June for a first trip of the season to St. Abbs. Its true a combination of poor weather leading to a general lethargy towards diving. 
That's all sorted now though after 2 great shore dives. Firstly to my favourite site Cathedral Rock. My general route out to the arches was unfamiliar to me as the winter and spring storms had moved large boulders around and deposited large amounts of sand. I eventually found the arches and it was great to be back. Marine life still appears to be behind schedule but there were the usual Ballan Wrasse and a beautiful Devonshire Cup Coral. But by far the best dive of the day was at Great Green Carr. The tide was low but the vis was just as good at around 7m. I would say there is more general life here just now and at the sandy patch behind the rock i found an Atlantic Bob Tailed Squid. Its been a long time since i have seen one and even longer since i have had the right lens on the camera to do the creature justice. I had a superb day out and i hope you like my pictures.
Mike Clark

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