Thursday, 29 August 2013

Success at the St. Abbs and Eyemouth VMR Splash In 2013

I really love taking part in the  St. Abbs and Eyemouth VMR Splash In and i support it by entering it whenever i can. Its always a bit stressful as bank holiday weather at the end of August can be a bit changeable. the last few years have been a bit murky under the water. This year was much better with good vis on the Saturday. Sunday was very foggy with better vis under the waves.
there were only 19 entrants this year which is about half the norm but i must say the quality of the submitted images was generally superb. A couple of beginners won the categories and well done to both of them for their shots. I picked up a third place for my Diver Wolf fish shot in the wide angle category and a second place for my shot of a nudibranc in the John Goldie themed Category.

it was a great weekend and thanks goes to everybody who organises the event, All the friends who i now put faces to the names and all the old friends that i meet up with yearly at the event, the sponsors. Most of all thanks goes to my 2 buddies for the event Derek Borthwick and Mathieu Juppin De Fondaumiere who both helped me immensely over the course of the weekend THANKS GUY'S. Lastly Thanks to my wife for letting me away to play over the weekend.

Here are a selection of my shots from the day. My wolf fish shot narrowly missed out from taking the overall prize... Next year 

 Mike Clark

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