Tuesday, 6 October 2015

FogCity Mask Inserts

Fogcity fog Resistant Lens  Mask Inserts

I have high hopes for this product. I use a mask in the pool and it’s on and off all the time. Because of this it fogs up all the time. Would Fogcity fog resistant mask inserts be just the job to sort this out??
They come in 3 styles.
1.       2 lens mask small
2.       2 lens mask large
3.       3 single lens mask

Firstly divers can really forget about the 2 window small inserts as I think they would be more use in large style swimming goggles or a very small dive mask. These inserts are designed to be cut so if you have a twin lens mask go for the large size and cut them down.
I fitting the inserts is fairly easy and intuitive experience. Each pack contains an instruction pamphlet.
I found the most difficult part of the process was removing small trapped air bubbles between the glass and insert. With a bit of work you can get rid of them though. In total it was a quick job and I placed the inserts into 2 masks and I was ready to go in less than 10 minutes.
I decided to conduct the test in a pool under my usual photo shoot conditions. Initially I thought things were going to work well but this was not the case and my experience was that my mask was as fogged up as ever. Whether it was the constant on/off and the inside of the mask getting wet that was responsible for the fogging or a warm swimming pool,  I do not know but the test mask did fog up and I soon switched to a spare mask without the inserts and continued the shoot with much less fogging.
I followed the instructions to the letter but I found that in my test the product unfortunately failed to deliver the desired results. Performance in colder sea conditions may vary but after the results in the pool I resisted the urge to test these inserts in my dive mask in the sea. As the Fogcity marketing material states “you don’t want to miss a single moment of your ultimate dive” I didn’t and left the inserts out.
This is my report on my personal experience with the product. As stated above the testing was limited as I could not afford to carry on with a fogged up mask. The idea of the product is excellent but my limited testing showed that the product failed to live up to expectations, which is a shame.

Mike Clark

My friends in Suunto Diving UK​ who market this product have been in touch. While that they agree that the performance of these inserts in a pool environment is not good, they state that performance in salt or fresh water provide better results. I will en-devour to test this and see for myself, next time im out and not completing  a dive where a foggy mask would cause problems. more will follow on this thread.

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