Friday, 16 September 2011

Upgraded Led Lenser Torch Review

Well for those of you who have already read my review on this little torch, you will know how much i liked it. For those of you who haven't seen that review here is the link.

Now this torch has been given an upgrade. The new model looks to be identical from its predecessor in every way apart from the serial number on the side of the torch. Internally there are differences. The torch now burns twice as bright producing 150 lumins. This torch is only powered by 4 AA batteries but has a burn time of 20 hours. this is half that of the old torch, but hey 20 hours on a set of batteries is magnificent.
How did i find the light well i can confirm it is even brighter underwater than the older model.
Here is an image comparing the beams of the old and new models. The new torch is on the left and you can note an improvement in brightness.
This torch also has a new cooling system so that it can be used out of water as well.
These new torches are distributed by Seascooter UK Ltd but they have asked me to mention that these torches being advertised on ebay from China or the far east are copies.
My finding is that this impressive little torch has been improved upon. Brighter light but at the cost of less burn time (But this is 20 hours, so its no problem at all). Price remains the same. Only thing i could say would be the same as my last review would be to have a notched section on the torch body or another attachment point to secure the torch to a mask or a camera.
Conclusion an excellent product.

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