Saturday, 7 July 2012

Shipwrecks of the Cunard Line

By Sam Warwick and Mike Roussel

This book is 167 pages of everything you need to know about: yes you have guessed it Shipwrecks of the Cunard Line. It covers 20 shipwrecks from around the world in detail and there is a large section dedicated to “Other Shipwrecks”
This is a hardback book and it’s fit to grace any coffee table (if in fact coffee tables are still in use)?
Being about shipwrecks this book is certainly of interest for divers and there is lots of information about the underwater environment and the shipwrecks as they are found today. The history of these ships and their demise is also covered in detail.
For the Scottish Diver 2 shipwreck will be of very real interest as they both rest on Scotland’s seafloor.
Firstly the Campania which lies in the Firth of Forth. This is one I have dived a few times and as a photographer I have always struggled to get the desired results. But the photographer who took the shots did a fine job. The book even confirms that one of the guns on Campania is still intact as there is a good image of it.  Interesting facts such as the Campania’s unique ventilation system are also shown in images. I will make a note to look for these next time I am on the wreck.
The Aurania is also described in a large section, there are underwater images and also images of artefacts’ that have been raised from the wreck.
Other famous Cunard liners of note described in detail are the Lusitania and the Carpathia to name a couple but there are many more vessels with names that will be instantly recognisable to the diver that are described in the book.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I was impressed with the photography both above and under the water.
The RRP of the book is £20 and is published by The History Press.

Mike Clark

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