Monday, 27 August 2012


Well everybody had a splashing time at the splash in this year. Strengthening winds made conditions exciting on the Saturday afternoon and Sunday was just about written off, until things calmed down a bit in the afternoon. Vis was fairly good at around 6 metres. Gordon Mackie was my buddy for the day and he was on fine form, in some seriously challenging conditions, in the Wuddy Swimthroughs. Many thanks to you Gordon for your help. We were out in Paul O'Callahan's boat pathfinder. For our second dive we planned for Anemone gullies, as photographers on the boat wanted to see some Wolf Fish. Unfortunately Paul's port Engine packed up and that plan went out the window. In freshening conditions we ended up just outside the harbour for a fairly tame dive made worse as i had on the wrong lens for the new site. Not what was needed on the splash in day. However, It was a great day out in good company. my shot of Gordon in the Wuddy Swim through earned 3rd place in the Wide Angle category.
Well done to Georgia and Lawson, Jim and Duxy the judges for the great show in the evening.
Here are my entries for the competition and as i left my dive gear at home on the Sunday I have also added in some images of topside st abbs. these give a flavour of just how bumpy it was.

Mike Clark

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