Sunday, 22 June 2008

June 2008

June has been a busy month for me

first up was a dive to the caves in Loch Long. i had 2 great dives photographing small creatures in the shallows. This was after a drop down to 30 metres to enjoy the walls and overhangs. the vis on the day was terrible, even for loch long standards. in June i would have expected better vis. Topside it was a lovely day though, and i had a great time chatting with dive buddies Gordon and Chris. Underwater on the 2nd dive of the day i came across a 15 spinned stickleback which i found really difficult to photograph but it was great to see one as its been a long time since i have seen one.

My next set of dives were with the Dive bunker from Burntisland. i had a couple of cracking dives exploring the voose reef and the big wall on the blae rock. there was loads to see on both dives but the blae rock was fantastic with fairly good vis around the 30 metre mark. i spied a large conger eel in a crevice here before having to rise back up the wall. Many thanks to Mark Blyth owner of the Dive Bunker dive Centre.

My last set of divers were greenends gully out from Eyemouth, a site i had not visited for around 15 years. There was a lot of life at this site and i got some really nice macro shots. Later in the evening i went out in Peter Gibsons boat Selkie, from St. Abbs along with the east Lothian SAC.
i had a great night and the gullies of Skelly Hole were magnificent. The best part of the dive for me though was at the end at Skelly wall were i found 5 or 6 really nice nudibranches and managed to get some more nice shots.