Monday, 25 October 2010


Not that i was starting to panic or anything but 4 days before dive 2010 was cutting it a bit fine!
Thankfully though the book has arrived, just a bit later than expected. So for all those divers going to dive 2010
and looking for a copy of the book,  fear not as i will be taking a few box's down with me.
i hope to see you there. If you cant make Dive 2010 the book is available directly from me or the publishers and Tesco, Amazon, Whittles Publishing and others. I will also be at the SSAC Conference on November 13th and will be giving a show there about compiling the book.

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Hi All,
Should you find yourself near Portobello, the seaside town just east of Edinburgh. Why don't you drop into the Blue Bean Coffee House ( 272 the High Street) and have a look at my exhibition of prints? i have 14 mounted and framed A4 prints on display and in a break from my usual underwater photography all these images are of topside subjects. they range from Icelandic volcanic ash fueled sunsets over the Firth of Forth and Landscapes of dramatic East Lothian Castles to Butterflies. i could not however loose touch with the sea and a few underwater images including a recent encounter with a Grey Seal pup are also on display.
The event is free to view over a warming cup of tea or Coffee which will be enjoyed after a bracing stroll along the promenade. The exhibition will run for the next 3 months until January and the prints are on the wall to view now.
A4 Framed and Mounted Prints are available to buy straight from the wall at a cost of £25. If you require prints only or require different sizes or finishes just contact me online.
I hope you get the chance to see the display.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

September Diving

Hi All,
Well after a superb start to September with an amazing dive on U12 (see previous blog) Poor weather and a smashed dome port stopped further play. Thankfully because of the bad weather that plagued the east coast i didn't miss my port at all. The good news though is that my insurance company has acted and i now have my replacement port to hand. October though is shaping up to be a very busy month. Im running an U/W photo course in Loch Long on Saturday 16th Oct. If you wish to be involved in that please get in touch with me quick. For Local folks im putting up a display of my images in the Blue Bean Cafe in Portobello. This is situated on the east side of Edinburgh and will comprise underwater and topside images. Its free so take a look if you can make it. Images will follow. The images will be up this Wednesday all being well. Then the main event Dive 2010 in Birmingham. I will be giving a presentation in Room 19, between 11.30 -12.00 noon on both days of the show. So come along if you are interested in seeing a show about the newly found wrecks and reefs of Southeast Scotland as well as new images of favorite sites. It should be a good couple of days and i will be signing books down there too!
Now all we need is for the weather to calm down a bit so we can all get our fins wet!/
Happy Diving
Mike Clark

New book release date

Hi All,
Just had the release date confirmed as 18Th October, That's just 2 weeks away! Its been a long wait but it will be great to see the completed book.
For the best deals the book can be ordered through Amazon, Tesco and Whittles publishing. These guys will be able to offer you the best deals. If you wish a signed copy you can order the book direct from me, however there will be a postage charge of £2.50 for signed copies. Another option for signed copies is if you can make it along to Dive 2010 at the end of October or to the SSAC conference in Eyemouth in November. Dive centres in the area will also be stocking the book, notably: Marine Quest, Aquastars and Scoutscroft Dive Centres.
If you are planning to buy the book i hope you enjoy the read and thanks for your patient wait.
Mike Clark