Monday, 21 February 2011


Elaine Watt Skipper of the Dive boat Clutha is Getting Married and my warmest congratulations go to her and Stevie. This now means that the Clutha (Spirit of the Clyde) has been sold and is completing her last dive charter next weekend. I was lucky enough to get a final trip on Clutha last weekend and enjoyed meeting up and seeing Elaine and Neil again. Thinking back its over 10 years since i first met these guy's and have been happily diving with them since. So no matter how nice a day i had, when it came to saying goodbye to Elaine and Neil i felt sadness but hoped i would see them again at some point.
The diving was good as always on the Clyde and conditions were not too bad with vis on the Akka around 3 metres but better on the Beagle with 5 metres. I took my camera on both dives and captured a couple of nice shots but my favorite shot of the day, was the Clutha coming to pick me up for the final time. A feature article of the day will appear shortly in Sport Diver Magazine where i will cover the dives of the day and a few special trips from the past.
Thanks Elaine and Neil Best wishes to you both for the future and i will hopefully catch up with you on the East Coast soon.
Mike Clark