Sunday, 19 January 2014

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition First Results

Hi All,
First use of the GoPro 3+ Last weekend. it was great to use and it kicked out some great video. Its taken me all week to figure out how to get it uploaded to U Tube, but I'm glad to say that its on there now follow this link Mikes U Tube Video. Due to Stormy weather I'm only getting to use the camera now. First use was in Preston Hill Quarry in Fife, which was nice enough. I am looking forward to trying the camera out on some big wrecks in great vis to see how it performs.
I hope you like the video feel free to give me some feedback.
Mike Clark

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sperm Whale stranded on Edinburgh beach near Joppa 11 Jan. 2014 news

2014 starts with dramatic but sad news as a very large Sperm Whale washes ashore at Eastfield Beach, Joppa (right off of the bus terminus). The whale looks to be around 9 metres long if i assume the sea kayak in my image is around 3 metres.
The Whale is being moved around a little by the tide but i do think that the animal is dead and i did not detect it breathing. Its a magnificent but sad site. Right now at the time of writing is high tide and the whale may be able to be floated off but i fear it will be stuck there for a while, when the tide drops. If you do plan to visit for a look wrap up warm as its freezing.
Mike Clark

PS i did contact the coastguard and they had already informed British Marine life Rescue Divers