Friday, 27 March 2015

Check out my recent images on Flickr

I may not have dived since november last year - but i have been very busy with my topside photography check out the link below to see my most recent images Mike's topside images
Dont worry if you are missing the underwater images there will be a lot to see here in the 2015 season. cant wait to get the fins on and get snapping the shots.
Mike Clark

Spring 2015

Well, Spring is about spring and im looking forward to a lot of diving in 2015. For the first season ever i have not dived through the winter, but i must admit i am now refreshed and rearing to get back into the water. keep a close eye on this site and my facebook page for articles and reviews of all the new dive kit. i hope you all have great and safe diving in 2015.
Mike Clark