Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Well apart from a highly enjoyable photo course at the beginning of October, i have failed to get a fin wet since. Week day diving in the evening cant happen now as the dark nights are here. Weekends have been heralded with big storms and the Firth of Forth has been very rough in its outer reaches. What has been good though, was the Dive Show at the Birmingham NEC and also the Scottish dive Conference held at Eyemouth. They have both managed to blunt the withdrawl symptoms of not diving. Anyway hopefully the weather will improve soon so there can be some great dives leading up to the end of the year. I will post something colorful to help us through.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

another photo or story competition

Hi There ,
the excellent Dive Forum finstrokes is running a Photo Competition. here is the link
Go for it.

Friday, 5 November 2010


Hi There, 
To see the review of my book Wrecks and Reefs of Southeast Scotland click in this link BOOK REVIEW
You can also enter a PHOTO COMPETITION to win a copy of the book here too.
To enter you will have to sign into Diversinc


If you would like to enter a photo comp to win a copy of my new book follow this link Photo Comp You will require to sign into Diversinc to enter.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


What a great show! i must admit i thoroughly enjoyed myself. Unfortunately I didn't get to see any of the guest speakers but what i did get the chance to do was go around and meet all the people who i work with online and never get to see. I also got around to see a great many of the good guy's who have helped me out with equipment problems over the years. Firstly i had to find the Diver Stand where i would be launching and signing copies of my new book Wrecks and Reefs of Southeast Scotland. That done i soon Found Matt Sydenham at the Suunto stand. He had helped me a lot in getting to grips with Suuntos HelO2 Dive computer.Then i said hello to the guy's at the Otter Water sports stand. I also met up with JP at the BSOUP stand. Thanks JP for putting a book on your stand. I will keep you posted re a Northern Photo club. After that it was time for my Seminar about the wrecks and reefs of Southeast Scotland and on both days the talk was well attended and well received. Many thanks to all of you who turned up to see the show. After that i had a wee bit more time to look around and i tracked down Geoff Sharples of Sea and Sea. I also found Asim of Amphora diving who i dived with a few years back in North Cyprus. Then although i had been working with him for around 10 years i eventually got to meet up with Mark Evans editor of Sport Diver. I also managed to get good chats with Duxy of Cameras Underwater and Alex Tattersall of Nauticam.
I also got to meet a lot of new friends and hopefully will be completing some trips to new destinations in the near future.
I also managed a bit of celebrity spotting and swapped books with Paul Rose of BBC Oceans fame and i met the lovely shark conservationist Lesley Rochat.
So a great weekend and it was great to meet up with friends and buddies who came over to see me. It was great seeing you all and i look forward to more dives when the gales stop.
Also many thanks to all of you who bought the book. I hope you enjoy reading it and it will enhance your visit when you come to the Southeast of Scotland.
Lastly many thanks to Stevie, Gordon and Charlie who made the trip so enjoyable! (apart from the finger bit)

Mike Clark