Thursday, 31 May 2012

May Day at the Isle of May

Hi All,
First trip out to the Isle of May in quite a while. On leaving Eyemouth's harbour visibility was less than 100 metres. this was due to the hot excellent weather creating a harr over the Firth of Forth (sea fret/mist). Soon though vis was improving and we had 2 fantastic wreck dives on the SS Island and the Primrose. these were great but my favourite part of the day was snorkelling with the seals. By lunchtime the harr had disappeared revealing the island in all its glory and the wildlife that inhabits it.
What got me interested most though was the very impressive sea walls see pic. there are lots of stacks, gullies and swim throughs. For Further Info see an upcoming Feature in Sport Diver Magazine.
I have decided to organise a trip back to the Isle of May with the diving focus being Scenic. The intention is to dive these walls and probably play with the seals too.
The plan is to dive the May all day concentrating on the scenic sites. If a wreck is needed we will dive the mallard in 42 metres. People who dont wish to dive a wreck that deep will still be able to have 2 good scenic dives. the choice will be yours. The trip will be with Marinequest and at present no firm date has been set. this is just a fact finding mission to gauge interest. Dates are very limited at weekend so the trip may fall on a Friday or midweek. 
If interested please when responding to note interest let me know if you are interested in
1. Scenic Dives
2. Wreck dives
3. weekend only
4. can manage midweek
Once i have the info i will firm up a date and pass out details. I hope to see you there.

I for one whilst enjoying the wrecks I really want to explore the scenic sites on the island that look so exciting. Here are some images from my trip at the weekend.

Many thanks to Jim and Iain of Marinequest and to Gordon for posing for the camera.