Saturday, 25 October 2008



Thanks very much to East Lothian Divers (ELD), who invited me down to partake in their fun weekend.
I sometimes get a place on Peter Gibsons Boat Selkie at St. Abbs when ELD book it on summer evenings. I was asked to present a show of some of my recent images after a meal at the anchor inn in Coldingham. That was in the evening after a very good days diving.

Some of the guys had asked me to take portraits of them underwater, in fact conditions were so good we even managed to get a team underwater shot. the first dive was at Wuddy Rock and was brilliant once Connor guided me there. The beautiful gullies and good vis provided some great photographic backdrops.

Dive two was on the Glanmire wreck in the best conditions i have experienced. Peter Gibson put us right down onto the boilers in brilliant vis.

I managed to get some nice shots of the wreck and noticed new winches and parts of the wreck i had never seen before.

All in all it was a fantastic day and i would like to say thanks to Mark and all the guy's who organised the day. It was a hoot!

you can see all the images at