Friday, 27 September 2013

Gear Tests

I have some superb new products for test and im looking forward to getting in the water and putting them through their paces. 
first up are the new Mares avanti quatro + fins which look identical to my current pair of the old style. Mares state that these popular fins have been recreated with new materials providing even better performance.
John Hewitt of Red Hat Diving has also sent me some impressive looking gear. Two torches from either end of the Ferei light range certainly look great on first impressions with sleek aluminium bodies and as always from Red Hat the prices are very competitive. John also sent me up a frameless Sopras Sub Comada Mask. Im always wary of testing masks out of the blue as fit is a personal thing. however in this instance the frameless design lends itself to fitting most faces and it certainly sticks like glue to mine.
So over the course of the autumn i will be getting these items wet and i will post the results in a couple of months time.
For more info on the products mentioned please visit and

Mike Clark

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Splashing Day Out

Had a Superb day aboard the Jacob George with Iain of Marine Quest and a great group of divers from Sussex. First up it was a quick dash over the border to dive the Shadwan, on which i enjoyed a very relaxing dive taking in the sights. The afternoon dive was everybody's favorite dive of the day (I think its safe to say). We headed back across the border and dived through Tyes Tunnel in fairly good vis of around 8 metres. For me after the excitement of the swim through i was in nudi heaven spying one i have never seen before (let me know if you can ID it as i dont know what it is) and around 6 other different types. fantastic dives and socializing rounded off by some great Soup, Home baking, scones. Fantastic..
Mike Clark