Saturday, 21 April 2012

Here is the link to my recent topside images on Flickr

Monday, 2 April 2012

Anniversary dive on U 714c

U 714c was sunk in action 67 years ago. Marine Quest had organised a dive to visit the wreck on the anniversary of its sinking. In March conditions were good after a prolonged spell of bad weather. Visibility was around 3 metres. My aim of the dive was to snap an image of the anchor, which i managed to do. For full details of the dive keep your eyes peeled as its appearing in the June issue of Scuba Magazine.

April 2012

Hi All,
Thank you for being so patient. February and March were very slow months in respect of Diving. I have therefore had little to post on the underwater scene. Topside the photography has been excellent but as this is an underwater blog I didn't want to fill it up too much with topside stuff. If you would like to see a selection of my topside work please see my Flickr account at or visit my galleries in my main site at
The diving season has kicked off now with a dive on U 714c to mark the 67th anniversary of it sinking. I have diving equipment ready to review and I am really looking forward to getting down the coast to test it.
If you are interested in product reviews, Guided Photo Dives, Underwater Photography Courses now is the time to contact me.

Mike Clark