Wednesday, 24 September 2008

August and September News

Hi Guy's i must say sorry for the delay in posting Augusts news. It was such a poor month for Diving that nothing of interest happened until the end of that month when i entered the St. Abbs and Eyemouth underwater Photography Splash in Event. I had a great day out along with my friend and ace poser Gordon Mackie of Tuscan Divers.

It was an eventful day with a fair swell running and relatively poor vis. We were on the boat Wavedancer along with a right good bunch who made us very welcome on the boat.

Once again it was a brilliant competition and i managed to win the most humorous shot with my image of Gordon doing his Technical Underwater Gardening Pose. Something everybody whether they are a diver or not will be accustomed too in East Scotland with the appalling summer we have had this year.

Thanks to Gordon for his help and to all who organise and assist with the Splash in making it a great time out for underwater photographers.

Scapa Pirates

I had a great time up in Scapa Flow in mid September. I managed to go along on a trip organised by Gordon Mackie of Tuscan Divers. What a trip we had on the mini bus, then on the ferry. It was a laugh all the way. Until the big white waves were seen to be crashing over the lighthouse at the end of Aberdeen harbour. Now while most folk on the trip enjoyed this excitement some poor fellows became ill and were last seen abandoned in the passageways of the ferry. Anyway once in the lee of land the motion reduced and we all regrouped to have a great meal on board.

We made the dive boat Valkerie just after 1am on the Sunday morning after quite a journey.

After that it was all dive, dive, dive. Four of us including Gordon and myself signed up for an IANTD Trimix course run by BARRY WHITE which was brilliant so thanks to Barry for teaching us about the Dark Side.
For full trip report please see Gordon's blog Scapa Slappers on Yorkshire Diver. It was such a good trip thanks to all who were on it for making it such fun. There is more to come re this trip but im out of time just now...bye.