Thursday, 1 July 2010

More June Fun

St. Abbs and Eyemouth have been diving brilliantly recently. I decided to take a day off work to make the most of the good weather. I'm so glad i did as with the arrival of July poorer weather arrived. Even though this looks only to be a blip and it wont affect boat diving too much this weekend.
Anyway back to 30th June and i was lucky enough to get out for a couple of dives on Paul Crows new boat Tiger Lilly, this replaces his popular boat topline. Paul and his wife Rachel run the Rock House dive accommodation right at St. Abbs harbour but being mid week only 2 other guests were on the boat. These were Izzy and Gary of Perth BSAC. who where nice folk and helped me out when one of my torches broke (led lenser frogman. I reviewed this torch last year giving it rave reviews but the magnetic switch failed. im reverting to the suppliers and will keep you informed).
Anyway dives from the Boat were West Hurker with Wolf Fish on Show. Ebb Carrs with Octopus wrestling a crab and last but not least a shore dive to Great Green Car, where i was surprised to find a big conger in 8 metres of water.
An awesome days diving. My thanks to Paul, Izzy and Gary for making it such a pleasant day.